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Advanced Contents Tracking


Main Characteristics

X-ACT offers an automated procedure for the recognition of suspicious material
X-ACT works online and in realtime without loss of evaluation time for the operator
X-ACT is ‘background-sensitive’: detection of substances covered by other material
X-ACT does not require further operator manipulation or stopping of baggage flow
X-ACT provides automated conveyor stops without loss of information
X-ACT implies an image storage function (IMS)
X-ACT includes an automatic recalibration facility which guarantees long term stability

X-ACT offers an automated procedure for the recognition of particular substances. Suspicious or high absorbing materials are framed according to their material origin.

X-ACT can be used for selective targeting and detection of narcotics, explosives or other prior defined substances. The X-ACT system supports the difficult and responsible job of operators by accelerating the checking procedure due to the automatic and direct access to suspicious materials in the baggage.

X-ACT Principle
The X-ACT system is based on the proven HI-MATPlus multi energy material discrimination technique, sophisticated image processing software and dedicated hardware.

Suspicious material that in the past has been difficult to recognize by the operator of standard baggage inspection units are automatically marked, i.e. without any further operator manipulation.

X-ACT operates without interrupting other evaluation procedures (e.g. no stopping of conveyor belt necessary).

X-ACT marks the substances in the HI-SCAN images. This means operators, using our standard systems, are familiar with the images and have an additional indication concerning the a. m. objects located in the bag. All other standard image evaluation functions are still available.

X-ACT works simultaneously to all other available online-functions as HI-TIP or HI-SPOT.

Compatibility X-ACT is compatible with the HI-SCAN units manufactured by Heimann Systems. The younger generation of X-ray inspection units of Heimann Systems for hand baggage check can be retrofitted with X-ACT. (Details provided on request with indication of serial number).

Depending on the requirements special explosives and/or narcotics can be trained into the system on request.

Due to the complexity of the detection data base the X-ACT system is pre-set according to the customer‘s requirements by the supplier.