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Hand-held Metal Detector


Featured Highlights

Contact-free inspection
Low-frequency device not producing any interferences
No readjusting during operation
Extremely high detecting performance
Audible - and vibrating alert
Automatic zero compensation
Robust structure
Integrated battery accumulator test

Metal detectors of HMD series have already been used successfully at police stations, criminal police offices, on airports and industrial facilities.

Compact dimensions, high sensitivity and reliability combined with practicable, ergonomic design are features that immediately convince any user.

In case of personal checks, the high (adjustable) sensitivity is advantageous; detection can be carried out contact-free.

Mail can be checked for metal objects, and nonferrous metals (copper, brass, gold etc.) are also detected.
  1. LED’s for visual metal detection
  2. Indication of battery and accumulator capacity
  3. Loudspeaker for audible metal alarm
  4. Sensitivity controller, continuous control
  5. On/off switch, Audible - or vibrating alert