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HI-SCAN™ 6040ds

HI-SCAN 6040ds

Featured Highlights

Compact solution for mobile and stationary applications
State of the art technology with HIMATPlus material classification
HI-TIP: Threat Image Projection
Xtrain: Operator training system
IMS: Electronic image storage and archive
Xport: Image export in TIF- or JPEG format incl. automatic transmission to PC via Ethernet

HI-SCAN 6040ds has been specially developed to prevent the smuggling of dangerous objects in briefcases, handbags, rucksacks, carrier bags etc..

The system stands out with a modern design and a robust structure, optimum dimensions and a very low weight. Therefore, it is excellently suited to be used as a mobile inspection system at changing sites.

The system is filmsafe and able to penetrate up to 30 mm steel. Objects of 60 cm width and 40cm height and unlimited length can be scanned without problems.

HI-SCAN 6040ds is very easy to operate. The scanned objects can be visualized as classified material groups allowing the operator to easily and precisely identify the contents.

The excellent technical equipment facilitates maximum inspection quality at minimum inspection time.

HI-SCAN 6040ds: the robust, light-weight system for security checks in entrance areas.