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Featured Highlights

Identifies unknown liquids, powders and solids in seconds
No sample preparation required
Easy to use in Level A gear
At 23 lbs. it can easily be carried into the Hotzone
Entire system can be submerged in a decon solution
24/7 Reachback service

When a Response team is called upon to deal with a potentially dangerous or toxic substance, the first and most crucial question is: “What is this substance?” The portable HazMatID chemical identifier answers this question in seconds.

The HazMatID is a highly specific tool that measures how chemical samples interact with infrared light. Each chemical has its own unique infrared fingerprint, which when analyzed by the HazMatID is compared against an onboard library database to provide identification in less than 20 seconds.

Database libraries include:
WMD - nerve & blister agents
Toxic industrial chemicals
White powders
WMD precursors
Common chemicals
Forensic drugs & Clan Lab precursors