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HDA High Density Alert

High Density Alert

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HDA facilitates the detection of suspicious objects for the operator
HDA offers the automatic detection of higher absorbent objects
HDA allows the automatic stopping of the conveyor belt in case of a detection
HDA can be individually adjusted

The function HDA High Density Alert warns you automatically when objects with higher absorption appear in the X-ray image. The operator is efficiently assisted in his inspection performance.

HI-MATPLUS as basis
The HDA function is based on the HI-MATPLUS color image. The colors orange, green and blue as well as their shades are used to indicate the material composition of the objects inside the screened baggage item. The color itself refers to the material class and the brightness (intensity) of the color to the material thickness. Decisive for HDA are dark or black areas which represent materials with high absoptions.

During the running X-ray inspection, HDA automatically detects objects with higher absorption and marks them with a pink frame. Only objects are marked that achieve a certain minimum size and minimum absorption. These values of minimum size and absorption can be confi gured. Additionally, an acoustic alarm can be set off and the conveyor belt is automatically stopped when such an object is detected.