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HCVM™ e35 T

HCVM  e35 T

Featured Highlights

Ultra compact mobile scanner for an easy operation in busy city environments
The smallest mobile scanner available using a 4MeV accelerator
Ultimate steel (IEC) penetration of 170mm (6.7in) @ 7km/h
High throughput of up to 80 trucks per hour

The HCVM e 35 T series is a powerful, ultra compact and fully integrated light mobile trailer platform ideal for inspecting whole trucks, containers and vehicles for threats such as explosives, narcotics, weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), contraband, as well as manifest verification; reducing the need for manual inspection.

The HCVM e35 T is the smallest mobile trailer screening system available using a 4MeV accelerator.

This robust system offers up to 170mm (6.7in) of steel penetration, without a radioactive source, while providing high throughput of up to 80 trucks per hour in pass through mode.

Due to the compact size and weight of the system, the HCVM e35 T is ideally suited to operation in small areas, such as busy city environments.

Enhanced system capabilities are integrated into our CargoVision™ platform. The ARD™ gamma option detects the presence of radioactive gamma materials within the container or vehicle simultaneously during the X-ray inspection.

The superior computer system provides a data management tool for image operators, to view real time images of the vehicle’s cargo, providing quick and accurate analysis.